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Hey there!!!!

I have been a little quiet lately and above is why. I have been preparing and planning for our engagement party and it was a success! I am so excited to not only be a bride to be, but to be marrying the most perfect man for me. We don’t have one of those “been through so much stories” and I am kinda grateful! We met, we courted, we fell in love, and we’re living it out!

Excuse the quality of these pictures as these were mostly stolen from snapchat and my friends phones. Anywho, I wanted to share with you all how much I loved my dress!!! I bought this dress months ago from GSLOVESME.COM, not knowing where I was going to wear it, but I wanted it and I wanted it bad! I fasted and fasted this past week just to fit into it (sad I know, but you gotta do what you gotta do), and I would have to say I looked and felt beautiful. It was an honor to share our engagement with family and friends and this weekend was a small idea of what September will bring when we officially tie the knot. The #RCLoveshow is in full effect and I will be sharing wedding clothes and events throughout this process! I hope you enjoy!!

Dress: GSLovesMe- SIMILAR (average)  SIMILAR (plus)| Shoes

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