A picnic around your neck…


Ok, How can you resist a  Blanket scarf?, I’ll wait, seriously tell me how? I need help because I buy everyone of them that I see. Blanket scarfs are becoming my new bestie as they double as a literal small blanket, lap scarf, and regular scarf. Let me find out how to tie them around my head without it feeling too heavy and I’ll really be on to something.

This beautiful scarf which I snagged at Target paired with my cream sweater, Brown leather coat and brown boots make for a wonderful outfit for a Fall picnic. IDK who is going on a picnic in the Fall, but I think I may start seeing as I can wear the picnic blanket which frees up my hands. 🙂 I can’t tell you all how much I love dressing in layers enough, and this outfit helped me do just that!! Everything was covered, I was cute, and I was warm. The perfect combination!

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