An hour isin’t long enough


So, I’m never truly looking for a reason to wear faux leather leggings or shall I say “liquid leggings”, but I can admit I was looking for a reason to take a picture in these. HA! So I did just that. Let’s take a second to address this idea of liquid leggings though. So, I’m all about this, but when I think of liquid, I think of fluidity, something that can move with ease in a consistent format, when I look at my thighs in these leggings, I’m not really thinking that. Anywho, If I were to seriously put this fit on to go somewhere, it would be shopping. A casual day at the mall or thrift store preferred.

Now all these thighs I have made me nervous about showing them off in some leggings let alone leggings like these, but who cares… I can rock what I want cause I’m cool like that. Adding these shiny comfy shoes to this outfit made me feel better about myself, although those tiny ankles are showing. Enjoy!

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