Artsy Chic & A Summer WIN!


Hey Fashion Loves,

I am so excited! I made it on the Top 40 fashion blogs of the Summer! Yes, little ol’ me! I am still in awe, and extremely grateful! I have worked hard on fashion with Care, and I must say I am proud of the progress I’ve made. I really owe so much of my excitement and passion to all of you who keep up with me, support and follow my journey! 
Waking up each day excited and motivated to share my world of fashion with you has become pure joy! In doing so I am learning so much about myself, the people around me and my community! As you may recall when I shared “pink ruffles” I talked about how I wanted to explore my beautiful city more. Well, Grand Rapids has struck again with its vibrant art and cool places! 

I stumbled upon this gem which is a restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids while I was just riding around. How have I lived here 3 years and missed a piece such as this? Well, I found it now and I am in love with it all the way around! I was able to pose in my simple look in front of a beautiful body of work! Looks like fashion with Care is becoming an art gallery in some ways, lol.  On to the quick facts of this look! Of course I had to grab this super cute denim top from the Target clearance for $8! Found this curvy girl flare skirt at Forever 21, and finished it off with a Prada bag (such a hand me down, but it’s real!) and some simple sandals! Loved this look and all the fun I had in it! Tell me what you think of the art and this look in the comments! 

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    1. Love EVERYTHING about this look, especially how you accessorized it! Isn’t it odd how much you learn about yourself just by getting dressed and sharing that experience?


    1. Congrats on the top 40- u totally deserve it. The art makes a good background- I love how that skirt looks on u, very elegant and shows off ur gorgeous curves. x

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