Athleisure for the Holidays!







Good Day Friends,

Well the Thanksgiving holiday is officially winding down. 3 days is enough I image. As the last bit of leftovers and family time are being shared I thought I’d bring you a quick Holiday Athleisure look to add to the Burgundy Holiday collection. As it is or should be perfectly fine to be comfortable around family, I thought this was the perfect mix between comfortable and still family presentable. I do not care what the holiday is, I do not think you should go from house to house or anywhere in public with pajamas on. There are other ways to be comfortable which are shown in this post.

As I love leggings, big thighs and all this look was perfect for the occasion!!!! I simply took a tunic tee and some leggings both from Walmart and added my animal print Chucks and purse compliments of my other mom (Mother in law-one day…)and threw on my North face for warmth and I look like I actually attempted getting dressed. This look is actually one of my faves because it’s the way I want to dress everyday, but my love for clothes won’t allow it haha.

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