Back to school Stripes + Goodwill Contest!

Hi Fashion Loves,

It’s that time of year again where the hustle and bustle of being a parent becomes real (so I’ve heard), kids are a little less excited about Summer ending, but are enjoying the idea of new clothes, friends, and a little time away from the parents. That’s right, it’s back to school time and Fall is right around the corner. I have been in school a long time and I get some of the same emotions each time around. After a diploma, two degrees, and now classes toward a terminal degree, I am still dressing for the classroom! Buying new school clothes excites me, because shopping is my “jam” and it gives me a good excuse to find some great deals!

It’s hard to believe that I still get excited about school clothes, especially since I buy them myself. But, honestly, I probably spend less money on school clothes now than my mom did when I was in grade school. I shop for quality, longevity and style, all on a budget. I have been school shopping for years and in 2008 I found the Goodwill! Goodwill has been my go to for about 60% of my current wardrobe, but it has especially come in handy when wanting to refresh my closet for school fashion! Have you shopped at Goodwill lately? If you haven’t you should! @Goodwillgrmi is holding a contest this month for the best Back to school look! YOU SHOULD JOIN THE FUN! Post your back to school looks on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter and hashtag #GWBack2School as well as tag @goodwillgrmi (IG) @goodwillgr (twitter) for a chance to be featured on a Billboard in September!

This entire look minus the book bag and boots was scored at one of my local Goodwill’s for under $15! I was so excited to pull together a simple yet appropriate look for my first week in a new classroom. Lately I have had a hard time finding nice fitting denim that was not distressed (as that is the “in trend” right now). I lucked up and found both this striped tee and these denim pants at the same Goodwill. Talk about a good day! I decided to snag these two pieces as they are staple pieces for a school wardrobe, and both can and will be restyled in various ways throughout this school year (stay tuned for more looks)!

I paired this look with some booties I got on sale at Target at the beginning of the Summer and an old scarf I thrifted last year, and I am school ready! Thanks to all the good quality and style Goodwill provides, I did not have to go far to pull together a look I was excited about! Tell me what you thought of this look, and don’t forget to share your Back to school looks on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using the hashtags #GWBack2School and tagging @goodwillgrmi (IG) @goodwillgr (Twitter). I can’t wait to see your looks!

This content was sponsored by Goodwill, but as always all clothing, opinions, and fashion is my own.

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      1. Thank you so much!!! Sometimes it can be hit or miss, but I often find things in the men’s sections and change them up or turn dresses into shirts, etc.

    1. Cute outfit! I’ve never shopped at Goodwill. I’m always bummed when school goes back; summer is a nice break from traffic.

      1. You should give them a try if you’re into thrifting at all, even if it’s for household things or board games! Yea, traffic is about to be in full swing

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