Back to the Basics, Simplicity Series 2016




Day 2 of the #SimplicitySeries2016 and it just so happens to be #TeeTuesday. Today’s outfit I must admit is not one of my favorites, but it is nice to be a lot simpler than I prefer to be. This outfit came together for me once I put on my shoes and small cross body bag. I seriously debated changing my clothes about 10 times before just sticking to it!

As I am doing my best to finish the Summer out incorporating some of the many t-shirts I have stored up high in my closet into my wardrobe this simple white tee did the trick for me today. It’s thin, comfortable and simple enough to be apart of the Simplicity Series this week too!!!

Added to this look is a simple maxi that I think every woman should have, big, small, tall, short, round, and straight up and down, a Black maxi (in my opinion) is an essential. The thing I love about this maxi is it has splits on both sides which adds a little bit of sexy with just enough class. Paired with the white tee up top gave this skirt a place in the “attention to detail category” today.

This super cute and simple cross body bag is one of my favorites. I love that it is small enough to wear a variety of places, but just big enough to hold all the things I need. The strap is roped with a gold chain and the clasp is a simple gold cross bar, which adds the perfect amount of detail to this simple bag.

I finished this look with some fringe chunky heels and a high bun to add a bit of my flavor and to account for the fact that I need to do my hair, but the bun is a simple and classic life saver! Adding a pair of basic gold hoop earrings, another classic for the modern and edgy women as well as a Black, white and gold charm bracelet with a matching watch made all the simple stand alone pieces come together.

Shirt: Walmart $5 – Similar


Purse: Thrifting $5 – Similar (This looks exactly like my purse)

Shoes: $20 – Similar

Earrings: Charlotte Russe maybe $5 – Similar

Bracelet:Gift – Similar

Watch: Walmart  $7 (website is down, can’t upload link)

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