Balloon skirt and Bell sleeves

Happy Saturday Fashion Loves,

This week has been a whirlwind for me already. In a good way more than anything. This past weekend, I had the honor of working with some amazing individuals for the Wear the Rainbow Fashion show. Talk about an amazing show! I am full for weeks after this event! In honor of how good I am feeling, I decided to share a look that makes me feel good. It’s a mix between date night flirty, and Grown woman classy-ish, LOL. I made all of that up! In every way. Anywho, this look is inspired by so much for me right now and I am here for it all. 

If you keep up with trends in anyway, you know that both of these pieces are on trend right now. Bell sleeves and balloon skirts/stripes. More so the stripes are on trend over the skirt style itself, but I can be trendy if I choose too. Bell sleeves have become a huge part of this seasons fashion, and for good reason. They are cute in every way and can make you feel fancy if you’re anything like me. One of my favorite things about this top is my husband bought it for me last year for New Years (when it was not on trend) and it is coming in major replay this year! I am not too sure if he would approve of me wearing it without the bustier top he also purchased, but we’ll roll with it for now.

This skirt was an ultimate win from one of my favorites Burlington, of course. I can’t get enough of popping into Burlington on a random evening and picking up a gem or two. This skirt was immediately one of my favorites as it helps to eliminate my waist and hips and is amazingly lightweight and comfortable. I could wear this skirt everywhere. 🙂 The horizontal stripes being extremely thin believe it or not do not make me look larger (contrary to popular belief). I decided to pair a simple ankle strp sandal with this look to pull it and all its simplicity together.

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    1. U look date night flirty and grown woman classy lol!!! The top looks great on u. x x x

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