Basics for building a wardrobe for work

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Last week we covered How to begin building a wardrobe for work,  and Assessing your wardrobe. If you missed it click the link and get all caught up! This week we are covering the basics for building a wardrobe for work. I will break this down into 3 sections today to help you prepare for the fun we’ll have next week with our 10 pieces, 10 looks! Let’s get started

  1. What you need in your work wardrobe

The basic necessities for a work wardrobe will be pretty standard for most women, but can vary depending on the style you are aiming for. This series is meant to help build most work wardrobes, but will lean heavily toward business, business casual, and feminine.

I pose the question, Do you have all the pieces? when working with clients, and I pose this question to you as well. If you are struggling to answer this question, then this post is for you! Let’s get into what you need now:

Simple Black Tee  Grey/Natural color TeeWhite Collarless Top 

Black/White Tank Blouse Button Down (preferably white)

Black BlazerSweater/CardiganJacket/Duster

Black DressBlack slacks Well fitting Denim 

Pumps (Black, Nude)  

2. How to budget/where to shop for your work wardrobe

Knowing where to shop, and how much to spend on certain items is pertinent. Begin your work wardrobe journey with a budget (after you do a closet purge). Set a budget based on your realistic income, how many and what pieces you need, as well as the places you like to shop. You cannot expect a Giovanni wardrobe onWorthington budget. Don’t get me wrong, I shop on a Worthington budget, and I love Worthington clothes, but I am realistic when putting my pieces together to get the look that I want. Budget your money, shop around, and use coupons! I know this can sound like a lot, but it is extremely helpful in the long run.

Another key to successfully building a work wardrobe is the quality of your pieces.  I often encourage my clients to splurge on the things that will last a little longer naturally, or you will wear more often than others and save on the pieces that you will have to replace at some point. I am a thrifter and clearance shopper about 90% of the time, but I will pay full price for shoes, denim, slacks or trousers, blouses, and blazers when it comes to my work wardrobe. You can almost always save on the tanks, tees, and sweaters. These are items that often get more wear on them because of how they are constructed.  If you want an in depth look at shopping and budgeting for your work wardrobe SUBSCRIBE HERE to get my “How to Build a Wardrobe for Work” workbook.

Stay Tuned next week. I will be sharing 10 pieces and 10 looks for work! We will also have a very special giveaway!

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