Hey loves,

Did I tell you, I am super busy, yet having so much fun this summer? This weekend is my class reunion and I am excited about it. I am excited for several reasons. The first being that I planned it and I am ready for it to be over, and the second being that I will get to see a bulk of my classmates! It’s been 10 long year and I am in one of the happiest places I have ever been! With that being said, I am smiling all week long and getting ready for a fabulous party and weekend!

Since I am going with an all Black theme for the reunion. I’ll be wearing a long black gown and the bae will be in a Blackout Suit, I thought it was fitting to show off this Black and White look to you all this week. I’ve heard people say “Wearing black in the summer makes you hot”, or “Black is a winter color.” No matter how you feel about Black it can be worn in any season and it is a beautiful color! When wearing Black in warmer weather, I tend to stick to skirts, dresses, and breathable tops. Although the color is known to keep in warmth the style of clothing that you wear plays a role in your body temperature as well.

For this look, I opted for one of my favorite skirt styles, the A-line in a checkered patterned and simple print. I can guarantee you that you will see this skirt again at some point this summer with a different top as it is a perfect pick for many occasions. This skirt could be paired in every season and worn with boots as it is not too long if needed. The bric is fairly lightweight as this is not my most “quality” piece of clothing, but it has lasted for awhile thus far. The white in this skirt is subtle and defines the pattern which will play well with bright colors the rest of this season. I am also thinking of pairing it with a floral patterned piece just for fun.

As the weather is warming up, a crop top was a must! This is one of my go to crops as it was on sale at Charlotte Russe a little while back and I simply wear it backwards to give it a little more life. I love that I can wear this top with pants, skirts, and even dusters and shorts. The color is the best part as I can always find a reason and a way to pair it with something. Adding these cute cutout heels and cross body bag were the perfect finishing touches to my look! Tell me what your favorite pattern is for summer. Drop me a line in the comments about a color you’re going to try this summer that you typically wouldn’t! I hope to hear from you.


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    1. Love the outfit! Have fun at your reunion!

    1. Planning a high school reunion is hard work. More power to you. Also, make sure to drink multiple cocktails that night as a reward.
      Yep, black can be worn all year around. Truly, this whole ‘wearing black in the summer makes you hot’ is for the birds. Because, it doesn’t matter what color I wear, I still end of sweating.

      1. Sooo much work! But it’ll be well worth it! I don’t drink, but I just might tomorrow lol. Black is a every season color lol. Hot is hot to me lol, I too always sweat lol

    1. Have fun at your reunion! You can never go wrong with a high waisted skirt and crop top!

    1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this skirt and you are WERKING this crop top. GET IT GIRL.


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