Bells and Prints! 

Happy Saturday Fashion Loves!

I am so excited about today’s fit that I’m just going to get right to it! I found this entire look for $40! Oh yes, shoes and all! I could not be happier!As many of you know Burlington is my second fashion home (Goodwill is my first) and I just can’t get enough! My favorite piece to this entire look is my skirt and it was a Burlington win! $12 and a lifetime of class, color, and style! I could not wait to pair this skirt up to wear out! I have found my place in stores like Charlotte Russe, where this top came from, finally! My fiancé actually picked it out for me as part of my New Years outfit this year! This shirt has since been a hit! It has bell sleeves, and open back, and lace! I couldn’t ask for more! I added in my cute and simple orange sandals, and I’m ready for whatever is to come! 

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    1. Love the way u styled this with the colours and I love those heels too. U look really classy and that top looks great on u too. x

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