Bells, Flares, Boot Cut?






Hey Fashion Lover,

I hope you’r staying as warm as you can in this winter! It’s freaking cold, like forreal COLD! As the weather has taken over, at least in my world, I have to find ways to still dress cute and warm at the same time because I am preparing for this wedding and we are meeting lots of people. As I am in Bride mode much of my attention is on my future nuptials and not my attire (shame).

As a result of this here is my simple look with an oldschool/modern flare. I was so happy when bell bottoms, boot cut, I mean flares came back around. I just love being able to wear some perfectly good fitting jeans around the hips that slim around the lower thigh and come back out for a party at the floor (You like what I did there?). I just want to buy them all up, but luckily for me I never threw mine away. I still have a few flares at home and this is a pair I bought ions ago and have gained enough weight to wear them properly. I paired these fun jeans with my tunic like sweater and some heels given to me by a friend. Of course I needed some jewelry so the pearls won this one over.

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      1. Amira, Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy my looks! Drop by anytime and tell me some stuff u wanna see! 😊

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