Birthday Girl Fun!


Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Fashion loves and friends, I am so grateful to see another day that the Lord has made and it just so happens to be my birthday! I am excited and extremely happy to be able to wake up and enjoy my day! Today I decided to keep the look simple and actually share somethings that have been on my heart and my mind instead of focusing on a little black dress (LBD). Although, I must admit a LBD is always a win for most any occasion.

For the past 4 years now I have been having an annual 25th birthday, and this year is no different (it’s included in the 4). This started off as a bit of a joke, but I honestly am a little bit scared to get older. As I get older, new and greater expectations are required of me and that is both fun and scary to think about. I am a firm believer that God will provide me with the right wisdom and insight to push through my growing years, and that gives me comfort. I am still not quite ready to insert the eig*cough* behind the two in my age so although I am getting wiser and getting older is okay, lets just continue to celebrate my 25th birthday as we have done so many times before.

So some of my friends were a little upset with me this year as I opted to not celebrate by having a party/shindig in my home town (Detroit). To be honest, I would love to celebrate with my friends, but it always feel a little like work for me. I have to find something to wear, actually travel to the city, coordinate something to do and by the end of all of that, I’m over the birthday thing. In particular, I’ve literally been traveling back and forth for the past 6 months because people often do not understand that I DO NOT live in Detroit anymore. *ends rant* Anywho, I opted to do something that did not involve me coordinating and driving across the state to wait for people to come and celebrate me. I decided on a private weekend with the bae! It was low key, did not involve any work on my part and I am completely satisfied with that decision.

Now that the How I celebrated is out of the way. Let’s talk about the 25 +3 things I have accomplished in this life time.

  1. Loving myself for who I am as a Black woman
  2. Graduated from High school as Class President and in the top 10 percent
  3. Graduated with a Bachelors degree from Michigan State University
  4. Graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Maters degree
  5. Traveled to and around South Africa
  6. Started
  7. Started a fashion consulting business
  8. Ran my first 5K
  9. Gained a true relationship with Jesus Christ
  10. Planned my 10 year class reunion (this was HARD)
  11. Obtained a job in my field before graduating, currently still working there ( I love my job)
  12. Gone completely natural (although I rarely wear my hair)
  13. Been featured on 3 platforms for FashionwithCare
  14. Gave the keynote speech at my Master’s graduation ceremony
  15. Wrote 2 eBooks
  16. Got engaged (Is this an accomplishment or something I just like talking about)
  17. Bought my first car cash money (totaled it the next day) 🙁
  18. Paid off all my cars I’ve had (Just got a NEW car as a Birthday gift to me last week)
  19. Lost 40 pounds after college (gained them back but in better places lol)
  20. Learned how to bake a caramel cake from scratch (much like my late grandmothers)
  21. Was invited back to my middle school to give the keynote speech to graduating 8th graders
  22. Presented at 4 conferences in graduate school and competed in 2 case studies
  23. Threw my mom the BEST surprise party ever when she turned 56
  24. Joined an Academic Fraternity in grad school (Trust me this is an accomplishment as my undergraduate grades were less than stellar)
  25. Been featured on a radio station and Podcast
  26. Fed an elephant (My favorite animal of all time!)
  27. Earned the honor of being a god mommy 3 times!!! (I am very proud of this)
  28. Successfully blogged for a year!! (This is huge as most blogs fail in the first yr. Check out my BLOGaversary post)

Surprise Surprise!!!!

So remember earlier when you read #15 on my accomplishment list? Oh yea, one of those eBooks is completely FREE to you today. Visit my eBooks Page to get your free copy of How to wear denim in Summer!


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