Fashion with Care is a fashion and style consulting business founded by Care McLean in 2016. Care gained the vision for this business from her interactions with the people in her life. Many of her friends, family, and associates would ask her about her fashion and style. This turned into Care offering fashion and style advice often through social media, personal relationships and even referrals.

Care has the vision and passion to provide affordable fashion and style consultations to fabulous not quite famous people. Fashion with Care is built of the foundation that “buying the whole closet is better.” What that means is not quantity over quality, but providing insight into how shopping a variety of places and not always going for just name brand items can save you money and help you to create your own unique style. Fashion with Care incorporates modern day thrifting as well as budget and bargain shopping for her personal style, and at the request of clients.

Care prides herself on her creative eye for recreation and clothing repurposing with her clients. Care has been known to make one piece into several outfits for several occasions and seasons. The fashion with Care brand emulates Care’s fashion eye while creating unique and personal styles and experience for each client.

Care encourages her clients to shop within their budgets and teaches them how they can shop authentically while maintaining a stylish and fabulous image. 

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