Caged In

Hey loves,

Let’s Talk denim again! So you all know me by now and you know how much I love to talk about denim right? Although I have a wishy washy relationship with denim pants, I love denim as a fabric overall. I adore denim dresses, denim shirts, skirts, and I even have a denim hat. As the season progresses I have been in the mood to feel a bit sexier. There are several reasons for this. First I am getting married in a little under 3 months and I want to amp up my sexy before then, and this season is simply fun to show off a bit more of that appeal one might have.

When I purchased this dress ions ago, I never realized how much confidence it would bring me. I can seriously wear this comfortable dress everyday and make it look different with each day. Today, I opted for a look I don’t too often do and that pulls out all the stops on wanting to feel a bit sexier. Now don’t get me wrong sexy is not about the clothes you wear, but it is honestly about how you feel. I must admit, I FELT sexy and the dress just helped with that. lol

I found these super cute boots that I like to refer to as “Caged In” a while back while pit stopping in City Trends. Now lets chat for a second, I don’t typically shop in city trends because the quality for their clothing is the worst and I would never want to give you all bad advice on where to shop. The babe and I were traveling and he needed a quick fix so we stopped in to see if they had any big mens cargos, which is when I laid my eyes on these. Now don’t get me wrong City Trends has some cute things, but often quality matters to me. These boots seemed to be of a higher quality than what I usually expect from them and they were only $24.99. I said what the heck, if they work they work, and if they don’t, I won’t be too upset.

Well, long story short, as you can see these babies are EVERYTHING!!! I love how they fit my legs, the platform is comfortable to walk in, and they are nude which helps to elongate my shape. I could not be happier with a pair of $25 shoes. I opted to stay away from jewelry with this look as that was apart of the simple yet sexy feel I was going for, and I loved every second of this. Tell me what you thought of this look, and what makes you feel sexy!

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