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Hey Fashion Lover,

Let me tell you right now.. LIFE IS SOOO GOOD!!! Like seriously, a couple of years ago my life was a mess in my opinion. I was in a very broken relationship living in a very racist city working an almost fulfilling job, but carrying the burdens of too many people. I was seriously alone, but Thank God for favor, Grace, and Mercy. I am truly in a good place and my life has been getting better and better . The last 2 1/2 years have been pure grace.

When I was at my lowest, I cried for 10 months straight. Not exaggerating, I would go to work, come home to my very lonely duplex and cry myself to sleep. I would do this every day and pretend I was okay. I had people in my life who were mentally breaking me. From comments about my skin, body type, relationship, education, and hometown, it was overwhelming and exhaustive. I remember crying out to God one day and telling Him that I knew I was stronger than this, and it was not fair that He was allowing my life to be the way it was. God responded, as He always does, and I am forever grateful. HE gave me a push like I have never had before and that same fire is still burning in me almost 3 years later. God gave me back my fight, and promised me “It’s only up from here.” I committed to that promise and He has not failed me.

I moved to a slightly better city, met my boo thang (love him!) received my Masters Degree, traveled to South Africa, paid off my car, purchased another car, started a BOMB career, and started a business. Talk about a God move! This is the life I should have been living, and I am so grateful God saw fit to keep me so that I could live it.

When people say to me, “Why do you only use your nickname?” or “Your momma named you Carolyn.” I almost always want to tell them something smart, but reality is my story and my reasoning is a far better response than what my old tongue would have blurted out. Care is who I am now, and people are going to have to deal with that! Carolyn was the under prepared, emotional, upset, and heartbroken young girl who grew up the best way she knew how. I cannot tell you all how much my heart and spirit has changed by just releasing the name that was associated with so much of my pain. I know this was a deep post for me to simply be showing you all a skater dress and some boots, but I had to share my story as someone somewhere needs to hear it.

On to this outfit… So I have a new found love for H&M, which is where this beautiful simple A-line dress came from. I was shopping in Ohio with some of my students and we came across some amazing sales in the mall. I had to grab this dress up as it was $5 brand new! I simply added my $3 brown tights, rider boots, and a leather jacket and we have a simple outfit that is comfortable like my life now and cute like I’ve always been HAHA. If you are interested in some personal styling and shopping tips please feel free to Book me to serve you.

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    1. Love this post! So happy you are happy and looking fab as usual!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m happy that God has made a full circle in our relationship. I still recall a confident and proactive young woman visiting me to discuss GVSU and the CSAL program – to now a well-adjusted, talented, and creative peer. God is good.

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