Ugly jeans, but I have polka dots!







Hey there,

As we are in that Gray area between Winter and Spring (which is still Winter haha), I thought I’d share one more winter look I have. I love the layering and colors that the Winter season allows, but I must admit I am pumped for Spring to arrive. As I finish out this season as strong as I know how, I wanted to share how I dress up a pair of $15 jeans!

So you all know by now, I am trying to move away from fast fashion as much as possible and it will take some time, but as the majority of my closet consist of cheaply made quick things I thought I’d go ahead and get these out.

You know how you have that pair of jeans that you never wear because they don’t seem to look right on you? Well here are mine, they were $15 bucks and much cuter in the store than they are on me. This explains why you don’t buy things just because they’re cheap! Anywho, I figured I already have them and they don’t get much play so let’s take them for a spin to see what we come up with. As I am not a fan of the bright tan seams in the pants, which is the only thing I really dislike about them (How did I miss that in the store?) I decided to play off of them instead. To take the daunting effect of the choice of thread in these jeans especially in the inner seams and upper area, I decided on a lightweight tan duster vest and a polka dot shirt to make them a focal point in the outfit instead.

This effect turned out much better than I expected actually. Not only did it make the seams a highlight of the outfit, it allowed me to wear all blue from head to toe basically! One color win (minus the duster vest).To add some fun to this look I chose my studded blue and gold pumps with my coined statement necklace, and I had a hit. This outfit may have to be repeated in the Fall now that I know how to play on those terrible seams!

Hope you enjoyed!

Photography: Maa’lik Falsetto

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