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Hey there good lookin!!!

It has been a crazy couple of months with life, love, and fashion. I am so glad you all are continuing to stop by and check me out. As you all know I love sharing my fashion and daily style with you, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring you something new.

This classic meets edge look was a bit risky for me. I tend to stick to Pops of color in this season, but couldn’t resist pulling out an outfit mix up. Check out my recreated looks services if you are looking to switch up your typical style as well.

I love this skirt, which I purchased for work for $7 and I love this leather jacket even more (scored it from the clearance at Wilsons leather). As I typically would pair this shirt with a peplum top or some type of button up and blazer, I decided to live a little and wear a leather  jacket and Statement necklace. My chunky ankle booties and favorite round bag made this outfit perfect for a day out!

Trust me, You will see this skirt again in the future, but all dressed up as soon as I get the opportunity. It’s simple but perfect for so many different looks. Contact or Book me for services or questions!

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