“I shopped “Fashion with Care” for my vacation in October to New Orleans to see Beyoncé! Care brought my vision to life. The looks were incredible, affordable, and the material on all of the clothing looked very expensive. I was so pleased with all of my outfits. She provided 4 full (outfits) all of which I have included into my professional wardrobe. She is very talented and communicative! You won’t regret your experience with her!”
“Fashion with care gave me a new leash on life! I have not always felt comfortable in my skin let alone my clothes. And to say I had a style or preference for certain fashions would have been a major under statement. So I dressed how I felt, Invisible! It wasn’t until Care Monique and her brilliant fashion forward savviness  and quiet grace encouraged me to start living out loud and embrace my inner fashionista!💋
“I really enjoyed working with Care (FashonWithCare) for some fashion ideas. I don’t like shopping much, so to be able to send Care my specs and style and have four outfits delivered is right up my alley. She also involves throughout the process, sends you receipts, and just gives good attention to your needs. In fact I have on one of my shirts today…lol”
“My experience with FashionwithCare was transformative. I am new to this curvy-woman physique, and Care was thoughtful and empowering when she did my consultation. She taught me how to dress for my frame, how to use the items in my closet, and I walked away feeling more beautiful than before. I recommend her to every person I meet who wants to be trendy and doesn’t think it’s possible in their size. FashionwithCare will get and keep you together!!”