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Let’s talk color! It is Summer and color is in full effect! Remember when color blocking hit the scene? I do, I loved it then, I love it now, and I rock it simplistically as much as I can. Color blocking can make a look more fun, add some life to an outfit and even help you pull out some items you may have forgotten you had. One of my favorite things about color blocking is that there is a science to it. It is not just a random throw together trend. Color blocking takes a little effort. You often pair vibrant colors with other vibrant colors from different hues, wear whites and light colors as your base color, and placement of the colors is essential.

I decided on some slight color block for this look I have today, and my favorite piece of this look was thrifted! Let’s start with this beautiful, vibrant Red pleated midi skirt. When I say the quality of this skirt blew me away first of all! This skirt is literally a classic quality piece. It can be worn high waist or low. I love how it flows and the way it falls. It has a side zipper and a fitted waist. This is one of the best $5.99’s I have ever spent! I have had this skirt for 3 years and found it at a local Goodwill in my area. I think the price and place I found this fab find makes me love it even more. 

So let me give you some honesty, this necklace is a piece I bought for $3 at Walmart one day and once I got home I realized it was missing a link. Nonetheless, I still wear it broken and no one ever notices until I point it out. I love this necklace either way and it was a great match up for my shoes with this look! A good vibrant dangle necklace is a staple piece for every girls Summer collection. If you do not have one, you should invest in a cute piece.

While we are talking about Summer essentials and the hidden gems in Walmart, this fringe cross body I am wearing as a clutch purse is another great find Walmart afforded me. I came across this cute piece for $9.00 when I was in need of a quick fix for date night one day. This little cutie has since then become apart of my Must have collection. The belt that is in the same color family as this purse was another Walmart find. I purchased a set of 2 slim belts for $5 and this beauty is one of them! Pairing it with my white shirt which is from, you guessed it, Walmart, and you couldn’t tell me anything! I found these orange sandals for a great deal on and of course I bought 4 colors! Pairing these adorable shoes with this look made my necklace pop and made my color block come together. Let me know what you thought of this look and if you like color blocking!

Talk to you soon loves!

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    1. You look fabulous in red and the necklace is a nice touch. Nevermind the missing link.

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