Cute by accident…




That moment when you go out on a date and site seeing of your city and accidentally end up dressing really cute… Well that is what happened to me over the weekend. We had house guest and decided to go see South side with you (boring movie in my opinion btw, but worth it to support). Followed that up with some city site seeing (as I still barely know my city well after being here 2 years now). This thrown together outfit, literally, I knew I wanted to wear my distressed jeans, and I went to the red section of my closet and picked up the first shirt that was hanging up, threw on some sandals and my “ghetto girl” necklace, BOOM instantly much cuter than I planned on being and I loved it!!!

I thrifted this shirt ions ago and picked up these jeans from Charlotte Russe. Adding my target sandals, groupon bag, and cheap necklace gave this outfit all the life it needed!

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