Don’t forget to be Awesome!


Hey Fashion Loves,

Did you do anything awesome this week? I know I did! I conquered the world of work, kept a smile on my face, and kept myself from crying knowing that I am 48 days away from getting married!! Actually, my bridal shower is today and I am in all of my emotions! To think that I am walking into one of the most exciting, rewarding, scariest times of my life in itself is awesome! Anywho, let me calm down, today’s post is about awesomeness as my shirt so nicely says.  Keeping up with life when you have so much going on can be scary and exciting all at the same time. Remembering the things and reasons that often get you where you are in this world of life is also something one should always think about. Sometimes I have a hard time finding reasons I am, could be or should be awesome. That typically happens on my bad days, when life seems to be crashing down on me. Despite the bad days, God always seems to come through for me and I remember reasons I am awesome. One being the fact that there will be about 70 women in one room ready to celebrate me in just a few hours!

(This shirt says “Don’t forget to be awesome!”)

Onto this outfit! I found this beautiful shirt while shuffling through the aisles at Burlington, of course by accident and an extra $6 I should not have spent, right? I always end up in the hot seat when it comes to good deals, I just couldn’t pass up something so positive and cute! As I wanted to keep this look cute without too much of a lazy look I wore my faithful distressed denim from the Charlotte Russe plus line, and added my fringe heels from Amiclubwear. A piece that has not been featured on my blog before (I don’t think) is this super cute cross body fringe bag that matches my shoes! This bag was on the $1 rack at Rue 21! You read that right! I got this purse for $1. Of course I bought the black and brown, and I bought one for my mom too! I was so excited to add this bag to my look and it was a hit!Let’s talk… I know some of you are thinking it, so I’ll just address it now, yep, thats my real hair, yep it’s kinky curly, and yep it’s here to stay! In terms of being awesome, I decided to show off my awesome hair which directly correlates to my awesome culture and heritage which just makes this even more awesome (you see what I did there?) I have been going back and forth for awhile about my struggles with my hair, and I have decided to just get over my bad relationship with my curls and let them shine. It takes me a little more preparation to get ready sometimes, and some days my girls don’t pop like others, but all in all, I am happy with my hair and my decision to let it hang out. What is your relationship with your hair? I’d love to know!

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