Dressed Up and Down






Hey lovelies,

Hope you’re enjoying Fall (it may be ending really soon)! With the season nearing an end, I have to get all my Fall fashion wears out and begin to prepare for all the covering up I have to do! It’s unbelievable to me how beautiful this Fall has been. Literally one of the best yet (Thank you Global Warming! *sarcasm with a hint of serious*) As Fall fashion can sometimes be tricky, specifically when transitioning into Winter I try to get out all of my favorite Fall pieces that can’t transition into the next season on the best days possible! Many of my friends tell me I wear things they never thought about wearing… and they work. If you like my style or are looking to find your own for Fall or the upcoming winter check out my personal styling and recreated looks services to make it easier for you to be fashion forward this season!

This beautiful off the shoulder maxi dress was one of my wedding go to’s this summer and worked out perfect this Fall for a simple sexy Fall outfit. I saw someone pair a maxi dress with a hat and was so inspired to recreate it in my own way, so I did! I decided to do it in a Fall look by adding my brown booties (comfortable) and a brown hat! I was not only comfortable in this outfit, I defied the Fashion norms for this season, by showing much skin! Although it was abnormally about 70 degrees this day. I am looking to explore more maxi dress ideas before the snow hits the grown to see if I can truly maximize on my summer wardrobe before putting them away for months and months. If you’re interested, stay tuned! In the mean time check out my styling services and book me today!

PhotoCred: Maalik Falsetto http://maalikfalsetto.com/

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