Easy Breezy Inspired by Trendy Curvy


Enjoyed pulling together this simple and cute look inspired by Kristine of Trendy Curvy.com. I believe all fashion can be inspired as long as you make it your own. I love looking at Kristine’s pictures, blogs, and social media accounts because she is effortlessly classy and stylish! I saw a kimono look (click here) that she did and wanted to emulate it, but in my own style. As I did not do a kimono jacket, I opted for a long green duster vest instead (Click here) (the kimono is cultural I believe, and I want to do more research to ensure avoidance of cultural appropriation).

I opted to keep the lighter stained blue jeans, but add a little distressed look (Click here) for my style.

I wore a tan-ish cami instead of white to relax my uneven skin tone as we transition into summer (colors can matter when dealing with skin, I’ve learned that recently)

Added a thick brown rope belt, as it helps to hold my pants better than a skinny belt (I have gap back from having a smaller waist)

Decided on these wooden earrings I bought at a beauty supply in my area (WWWHHHAAATTT) and some Tan sandals (Click here) to finish my look!

Tell me what you all think!

This post was the complete creation of Fashion with Care, but inspired by www.trendycurvy.com without permission. Notification was given via email to Kristine, owner of Trendy Curvy.

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