Fade to Black | Thrift Style

Hey Fashion Loves,

I’m back, in my favorite fashion color… Black! You know, like the Black girl magic I have, the Black man joy my soon to be husband brings me, and the Black pride I share with so many sistas! i know we often think Black is a color for somber occasions or its the “safe” color, but I want to share with you how Black can be a great transition from Summer to Fall.
As we roll out the Fall season I had to slide in a simple look that helps me get out of summer, anticipate Winter weather but celebrate all that Fall has to offer! This look even includes one of my favorite pieces, the leather jacket! One of the keys to using Black as a transition color is using a piece from the season in which you are transitioning from and a piece from the season in which you are transitioning to. I opted for a summer crop top and skirt, and a Fall Leather jacket. You see where I’m going with this. I am using Black as the common theme to pull this look together while helping to eliminate the idea that I am dressing across different seasons. This look is simple, comfortable, cute, and perfect for opening up Fall. Not to mention it has a thrifted piece from my FAVORITE store… The Goodwill As you know I cannot go too long without talking about thrifting, and transition looks in my world almost always involve a key piece from Goodwill! I thrifted this skirt a few years ago and I’ve found so many ways and looks to wear it with. When I purchased it the bottom was a bit stretched out, but I could fit the skirt perfectly! Instead of leaving this amazing skirt due to a slight flaw, I improved it by tying a small not in the side of it and people continue to compliment me on it! This skirt looks amazing worn with boots as well!  A simple crop top explains itself and always works for an all black look! My focus piece is my leather jacket (The Fall piece) that I love so much! It’s lightweight but just enough to keep me warm on a Falls day. It also adds to this look as the third piece, and you all know I love a third piece!   As you can see I still have a Summer tan and it’s glowing perfect in this all Black look. How would you wear Black in Fall? How would you style your leather jacket? Let me know in the comments below! 

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