Fall Back, Black Hat…You’re going to be Broke girl!


Officially looking like Fall in my neighborhood! I am so excited that the leaves are hitting the ground and the sun is lighting up the world just right! I enjoyed pulling together this casual look. I’ve been looking for reasons to wear a hat and this particular day was it! If you are also looking for ways to dress yourself for Fall look into some personal shopping and styling for this season here.

Moment of honesty, I have been spending wayyyy too much money on Clothes and things I don’t need. I have literally began to buy everything I see which is against all my rules. My weight has been up and down causing my energy to be the same which has directly affected my pockets. I have been trying to compensate for some of the body struggles I’ve endured lately. I even considered purchasing a brand new 2017 car for $47,000…y’all I barely make that in a year…smh. I went to the dealership and everything, all while my precious 2007 Trailblazer is in tip top shape. But seriously, I had to calm down and push myself back into reality in which I decided on a homemade photo shoot compliments of bae… :-). Decided to pull out a “new” outfit composed of clothes that were already in my closet and were not purchased in the last 3-4 months!  If you are interested in revamping your wardrobe to save money check out my Recreated looks service here.

After all that, here is what you get!!! Please feel free to contact me with questions or Book me today to serve you!


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