Fall Floral!


As you know by now, I am all about the FALL!!! I adore the weather, colors, food, scents, and scenery! I even love the idea of keeping my crock pot on the counter for weeks and weeks because I am constantly using it. Although Fall seems like the shortest season; at least to me, it still gives me more joy than any of the other seasons. When I think about getting dressed each Fall morning, I light up a little bit because it is that much easier for me to choose outfits because I love everything else about the season. Fall styling is fun and simple for me, but I have talked to my friends and family as well as some clients who love this season because they can layer up and wear lots of jeans, but it is still sometimes hard for them to find the right combination to be stylish and warm. If that sounds like you, let me rub some of my Fall style energy onto you as your personal shopper, details on this personalized experience can be found here.

This outfit featuring an adorable thrifted Trench Coat, some very affordable and stylish distressed thrifted ankle Jeans, an H&M blouse, $5 purse and my Target (Tar-Jhe) heels became a true love of mine when I wore it on this perfect Fall day. The weather was just crisp enough for the colors but just warm enough to show off a little leg! When passing by this beautiful Fall scenery near my home I had to stop and pose as it only seemed right. I love to show off my thrifted/sale finds and I love even more sharing those experiences and how to’s with you. If you love this outfit as much as I do and love the idea of learning to shop without spending a ton of money, spend some one on one time with me learning about doing just that.

Thank you for checking me out Ladies and Gents!

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