Fall- Having a fulfilling Fall with Friends and Fashion

As I wrap up this amazing collaboration with my sister friend Tanisha of tanishalashelle.com, I hope you had the chance to check out my previous post, Friendship, Fulfillment, and Fashion) We have collaborated on some goals and tips to having a fulfilling Fall with friends and fashion to wrap things up! We hope you have enjoyed what we have shared thus far and we hope to have inspired many of you in some way! Let’s get to it!

As a Newlywed one of my main goals this Fall is to focus on my husband. Honeymoon as long as we can! I have heard many stories about the “honeymoon” phase and its magic, but once it is over things get rough. As I believe things can get rough in any relationship at any point, I am making my marriage and my husband a priority this season. One of the ways I can effectively do that is by sharing this with my friends. Real friends especially those that stood at the alter with me will understand that this time is necessary and must be set as a goal in order to sustain our marriage. I am excited to have friends like Tanisha who I can count on to support me through this part of my life and those that understand they are not lost or forgotten in this journey.

Now that the main and important goal is out of the way lol, here are my 3 main goals personally this season.

1. Be happy! I want to spread happiness and joy all season long. This time of year is known for the onset of seasonal depression and I will choose to be happy by living a good life (taking trips, relaxing, laughing with friends, planning ahead and things like that. If you are battling depression or thoughts of anxiety in anyway please seek help and lean on others to help you. You do not have to experience this journey alone. (National Suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255)

2. Finish my winter eBook. I have a goal of releasing another eBook this Winter, which is a collaboration with one of my blogger friends!  I need to get work on it because procrastination has been my greatest downfall lately. I WILL write my eBook and release it this Winter.

3. Be active. I have no excuses for not taking care of myself. I will make being active a priority this season. I need to prepare myself for goals 1 and 2 and that can only happen if I am feeling good about myself, and taking the time to take care of myself.

I hope you checked out Tanisha’s goals on tanishalashelle.com as well.

We have teamed up to share 10 tips for having a successful Fall with Friends and fashion this season! Here we go…

  1.  Be a friend if you want to have a friend
  2. Purge your closet and share with friends
  3. Take a trip together and dress up
  4. On Wednesdays we wear Pink! – Have a little fun with your girls. Pick a day of the week to have a themed dress day (especially if you live in different places). Channel your inner sisterhood from far away
  5. Pray together! Make this a priority. Don’t get too caught up in your own life that you leave your friends behind!
  6. Embody all the characteristics of what you would desire from a great friend.
  7. Create a group text with your friends to talk whenever you want. Great memories can be created even when you can’t get together all the time.
  8. Get a hotel room and have a girls night with your friends.
  9. Do something wild with your hair with a friend! Try a temporary hair color spray, dress cute and have a photo shoot together. Unicorns are rare and great friends are too, so be unicorns together, and go viral on the internet with #FriendGoals as your hashtag.
  10. Be accountable to your crew. Affirm your friends on the regular and keep them lifted.

Take care of yourselves! Love on yourself and love on one another! We hope to hear from you all soon, and we pray that you find sister friends to love on you!

Care and Tanisha!

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