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Hey Fashion lovers! Looks like you wanted more Vintage, so here it is!

I get so excited when I can show you all something I love and am passionate about and you crave more. As much as I love vintage clothing, and traditional patterns and designs, it makes me wonder if I was born in the wrong era. This is a question between me and God huh? Although that is a real question I explore sometimes, I think about if I would have actually worn the clothes I love now had I been born during the time they were in style? How about you, and your favorite fashion era. Comment below and let me know what your favorite era of clothing is, I’d love to know.

As we transition out of Fall soon, I’m a little sad, but also a little excited to get some of my favorite Fall looks out before it’s bundle up season. As I work a regular 9-5 I tend to have to dress “professional” from time to time (I say that with hesitation, I often wear what I want to work).

This vintage look was brought to you by “Care’s summer travel.” 🙂 Earlier this fall I visited Pennsylvania, and went thrift shopping! I found some crazy good deals and some beautiful clothes in which this dress was one of them. I purchased this dress brand new from a resale shop for 8 bucks! Talk about a win. The detail and quality material of this dress blew me away, and I am now lucky enough to be the owner. How do you like it? As this dress is a beautiful stand alone piece, I easily just threw on my favorite Target heels (See Fixated in Fall for details) and was off to a beautiful day of Fall and Fashion.

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