Fall Kimono

Hey Fashion Loves,

It’s getting cold out here, in real life. It literally snowed this week, but I refuse to ignore the fact that it is still Fall and I have more Fall looks to share! I have been extremely obsessed with the colors burgundy, maroon, and red this year. I mean obsessed to the point where I want to wear them everyday. Not to mention the lipstick looks bomb on me this time of the year. I often hear people talk about reds and burgundies as “sexy colors.” I indeed think I am sexy and therefore take on this color family in every way LOL.
As you know by now, I am not a stickler for expensive taste or name brand quality. I like really cute affordable pieces that get the job done. I can find clothes almost anywhere I go, literally, I often end up finding pieces while grocery shopping in Walmart and Meijer because they have some really cute clothes often. This Kimono was purchased during one of my random trips to Walmart and I can’t get enough of how cute and complimentary it is. I originally envisioned wearing this piece with an all black look and a burgundy heel, but that quickly changed when I stumbled upon this jumpsuit not too long after. I have had a fear of wearing one piece outfits every since I gained some weight over the past few years (okay, decade, but let me live lol). I am grateful for all of the Body positive messages and imagery that is being shared across the world because it has given me a new motivation and pride in my body. I live behind a Burlington Coat factory, so I naturally spend quite a bit of time perusing the aisles on any given day. On a recent trip to Burlington I came across this body suit. The best part about it is, it was $8. It was just hanging on the clearance rack minding its own business, and I was the lucky buyer of this piece.

This body suit gives me confidence and if I might say so, it looks good on me. Much better than I expected it too, honestly. I am often conscious of my hips so I immediately knew I would be wrapping a jacket or shirt around my waist to eliminate my hips and slim my waist. To my surprise, there was no need, this body suit did my body justice! Have you stumbled upon a gem recently that made you feel good? Tell me what it was in the comments below! 

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    1. The jumpsuit looks incredible on u and I love the colour, sexy indeed!! 😉 x x x

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