Fashion – Collaboration with Tanisha Lashelle

Hey Fashion loves,

As you know by now, I have been collaborating with my sister friend Tanisha of this week. Today I am sharing my absolute favorite topic, FASHION! The reason many of you follow me is because you too enjoy fashion in some way shape or form! Be sure to head over to her page and check out Tanisha’s post on Natural hair and Fall Fashion as well. Today I am bringing you 4 simpla fall looks that can be duplicated, all involving a Fall staple piece.
One of my favorite staples of Fall are wide leg pants. Now it is true that wide leg pants do not fit everyone the same or some people are less comfortable in this style of pantws, but if you can get away with them I suggest owning a pair. You can truly wear wide leg pants with so many things. They allow you to wear heels which instantly slims you and takes whatever you are wearing up a notch. They also allow you to wear several styles of tops, from crop to button down. They are truly a Fall staple and can hide those legs and feet if the day is a pit chilly.

Calf Boots… well let’s be honest, there are three staple pieces in this look (black dress, duster, and boots) but we’ll focus on the boots because I love them so much. Every girl who loves fashion should have a pair of cute fall boots. These boots actually have a post dedicated to them from earlier this week (shows how much I love them). Boots are essential for this season, and come in a variation of styles, colors, and lengths. Boots level up almost any look, and are what so many fashionistas look forward to for Fall! I recommend owning a Black and a Brown pair at minimum as well as a pair of booties or ankle boots. Boots can be a saving piece for style and for warmth. I adore these because they have a chunky heel which makes them comfortable and they lace up the front which makes them sexy. Sexy boots aren’t quite a staple, but in this case they are relevant. Check out where to purchase these boots in my previous post.

Can you tell which piece is a staple piece in this look? If you guessed both of them then you are right! Both this skirt and denim top are staples for Fall. Having a denim shirt will do wonders for your wardrobe, you can dress it up or down and wear it with different colors and prints that are often hard to match up. I have a few different shades of denim shirts in my wardrobe which helps to maximize my overall style (believe it or not, all denim does not go together). You can pair darker denims with more colors in my opinion and lighter denims may take a little more work to style in some cases. A solid bodycon, whatever the color can go a long way as well. They tend to pair well with a lot of different items and work well in Fall for sleek looks. I love being able to wear tights and stockings with my skirts to show off some fun colors and style as well. This is a simple piece that can be worn with heels, flats, and boots. If you don not have a simple bodycon/pencil skirt, invest in one this season.
The final staple piece I am sharing for this Fall is a leather jacket. Now, as you know leather is a Fall must have, even if its faux, or pleater! One must find a good leather piece to add to the collection. This is one of my faves as it is a crop jacket and is extremely light weight. I can wear this jacket with a dress, denim, and even dress it up if I choose too. It’s a solid black which is safe for this season and this time of year, and it is really comfortable because it is lightweight.

Share with me you Fall favorites and staple pieces. Don’t forget to check out Tanisha at as well.

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