Florally Sophisticated


As you all know I have been to several weddings this season. It must be in the air or the water, but all my friends are getting married. I love everything about this but thee truth of it is, finding things to wear can be a headache. I always have an idea of how I want to look for special events, weddings in particular, and one of my favorite wedding looks is an off the shoulder dress.

So here’s the details on the off the shoulder dress story. I actually have on an off the shoulder dress in this picture, but on top of that I have on a pencil/bodycon skirt. Why you ask? Because this dress looked so silly on me!!! For some reason I just did not love the print from shoulder to knee. Although I didn’t love the dress alone, I had the creative idea to try on one of my simple skirts with the dress and test the water. I fell in LOVE immediately, and this was the outcome.

I received so many compliments, and I was actually pretty comfortable and “snatched” wearing a bodycon dress and a body con skirt can really get your curves together, so I have no shame!!! I hope you all enjoyed this look as much as I did.

Dress: GS Loves Me Daisy Off Shoulder Dress

Skirt: Love Culture –Similar 

Shoes: Steve Madden, Shoe Carnival on sale for $10 +30% off I paid

Hair: Jinni-Model Model It did not have a part, I tweezed it. It is an L shaped wig, but I just wore the part in the middle because I like it better.

Purse: Walmart- Boho Festival Fringe

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