Flowers in Winter

Hey Fashion Loves,

So let’s be honest, its cold out here! Yet, I’m still out here trying to be cute. No matter what the weather brings, I am going to wear FASHION! lol on a serious note, how have you all been holding up in the cold weather? (If you are enduring cold weather like I am). No matter what your strategy is to keep warm, you can leave all the fashion inspiration to me! Today I wanted to share a Spring, Fall, and Winter fashion mashup. I am taking a piece from 3 different seasons and wearing them all at once.

As you know, the leather jacket is a Fall staple. Every fashionista owns one or four, lol. I adore this leather jacket for the style, color, fit, and most of all the price. There is a little story behind this jacket as well. This year I styled the Rock the Runway GR show. If you recall last year, I modeled in the show (check it out here). As a stylist this year, I had the pleasure of going into a few stores and putting together some looks for the show. One of the looks I created for the show included this leather jacket from TJMaxx’s clearance rack. I loved it so much, when we returned the clothes, I purchased it for $16. If you can’t tell by this look already why I love it so much, stay tuned as you will potentially see this jacket again.

Floral prints have become a thing of the NOW in so many ways! This is also a Spring style and this dress in particular being sheer and lightweight truly makes it a Spring piece. I decided to pair it with my leather jacket and some winter leggings and boots to complete an Every season look in the Winter. This look can be worn for a day out with the girls, random family function, or just an “I want to be cute today” look, like I wore it.

Tell me what you thought of this look in the comments below. So excited to hear from you!

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