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Hey there,

So with everything going on in life, I forgot to share this look with you all. So as you all know this season has been overly busy for me with wedding planning, working, running Fashion with Care, and trying to stay on top of life. With that being said, I decided to do this fun post by telling you a little about a passion I have.

As you can see in the pics above, my shirt says “Be an Icon.” That is something I truly believe and want to live by. Not many people know, but I love the Arts! I love everything music, Broadway, Theatre, etc. I even graduated from a performing arts High School. I have never proclaimed that I should be famous on account of the arts, but I do think I have a little talent and can be iconic in my own way.

Lately, I have been reflecting on some of my regrets and mistakes. One of my biggest regrets is not taking my dance classes serious in high school, and one of my mistakes was not continuing to dance once I graduated. Once I got to college, I realized I was starting to lose my connection with the arts in general. I’ve been a theatre girl since I can remember. Not as an actress, but someone who just appreciates the art of theatre.

Once this wedding madness is over and I adjust to being a newlywed (if that is a thing) I plan to spend some time volunteering with the Civic Theatre here in my city (my future husband will laugh at this soon, I’m sure). My reasoning for that is because it is not only something I am passionate about, but the arts make me happy. In the last 5 years I have probably only seen 4 shows. Cirque Du Soleil twice (Quidam and OoVoo), Caroline or change, and Black Violin. This to me is not enough as I proclaim to be a lover of the arts. Between this year and next year I will do better, and get my artistic mind back in a better place.

Details of this look: Shirt-5below| Skirt-Target| Jacket-Thrifting| Scarf-??| Boots-Target

Photography: Maa’lik Falsetto

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