Friendship with Tanisha Lashelle

Hey Fashion Loves,
Today is a special day for me! I am doing something a little different with the blog over the next few days, and I’m sure you’ll love it. I will be collaborating with my sister friend Tanisha of This will be a four day collaboration where we share Friendship, Fulfillment, Fashion, and Fall!
Let me introduce you to my sister friend Tanisha! We have known one another for 10 years now and it has been a journey! Tanisha is a Detroit native, Michigan State Alum, Natural Hair Mogul, and body positive inspiration! She walks by faith, leans on God, and lends out love. She’s the real definition of a sister and a friend! Tanisha started her blog in 2016, took a break and is now relaunching (make sure you show her some love by visiting her page). Her blog focuses on being a voice for women who are afraid to speak up and promoting womens empowerment through sharing her story/journey as she navigates through womanhood.
Now that you know Tanisha, let’s talk Friendship. We met in college at Michigan State University in Holden Hall in 2007. I joined the gospel choir with Tanisha and a truly unbreakable bond was formed. We have seen one another at our highest and even our lowest points. We’ve disagreed (over how much salt I should eat), laughed, prayed (over my edges, frfr), and cried together. Our friendship has stood the test of time. From college to borderline 30’s we are still hanging out.
As friendships can be the highs and lows of life, we have to always remember what makes a friend a friend in the first place. Sometimes we navigate friendships based on the season we are in, other times it’s loyalty, often times it’s likability, and even similarities and comfort. I know for me, how much I can share with you (equating to loyalty and comfort) are huge on my friendship radar. Being able to share without judgement is a huge plus for me (especially if you knew me in my college days.) Many do not understand me, and have seen me as “mean” or “will cuss you out.” I won’t say those aren’t true at times, but real friends know your true character. I’m loyal, and will defend you if need be.
As you navigate adulthood, I am realizing friendships can look very different with each stage in life. As I recently got married, I recognize that friends who could “accommodate” me for just a little while are most important to me. That process was an important time in my life and I needed those close to me to focus on what I needed to get to this next step  (Tanisha is def on this list of people!) I didn’t get to “marriage” alone, I have leaned and loved on my friends for advice, prayers, and comfort and needing them to get me to the alter was even more important! Although I recognize this is a temporary friend stage, it is one that shows true friendship value to me. Who can be there, genuinely be there for you when it’s your time to shine? I know who my real friends are!
What’s your take on friendship? Do you have a friend that you can count on no matter the situation? Have you lost a friend you want back? Let us know in the comments below.

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    1. Love both of you guys to pieces! You have now idea how proud I am and touched by the love and supper you show each other. It’s a beautiful sight….

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