Furry Classic

Hey Fashion Loves,

I have been busy busy busy trying to keep my head above water in this season. This is indeed a very good thing, but sometimes you know you just seem to have a lot going on. Writing and planning really good content for you all is becoming easier and a lot more fun so this is what I mean when I say busy in a good way. If you recall, I mentioned a little while back about how I am hoping to revamp my style a bit more to always be classy yet elegant. Y’all, thats hard for me. I realize as much as I love a classy look, I like grungy, trendy, and sometimes a little sexy too. I know, I can do whatever style I want but trying to be consistent is something that I think will help me grow even outside of the fashion world.

For my look today, I believe I am in the realm of classy and elegant, with a little bit of trendy too (I just had to). I wanted to go for a very clean and simple color combo today which brought me to black and white. Black and white is one of my favorite color combos because they are simplistic, effortless, always acceptable and most everyone owns a piece that is both or either of these colors. As you can imagine, I have been indulging in thrifting heavily lately. Not only because it is one of my favorite things, but because this is the best time to find goodies. People are purging their closets for all the Spring goodness ahead. I found this super cute, very on trend fur vest at my local @GoodwillGR store. It was $3.99 and fit me perfectly.

I added in a white button up I found on clearance at Walmart and paired it with my newest Charlotte Russe edition distressed jeans. Accessorizing this look was my favorite part. As you know I got married on September 30th, 2017 and I chose to wear my wedding jewelry with this look. The earrings and necklace you see here, yep, bridal jewelry. Who says you can’t wear your wedding jewelry after your wedding day?! I added a hat to add a bit of elegance to this look some sexy thigh high boots. Tell me what you think of this look in the comments? Are you into the fur trend as well?

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