Grey Slay…It’s an essential


Let’s talk about the essential work items every professional women should have (my opinion of course). I am a firm believer that color is more fun at work, but traditional professionalism can also be stylish. An essential item every professional women (fellas too) needs is a solid color bottom. To be honest you need a few solids: Black, Blue, Grey, Tan/Khaki (I oniy partly agree with Tan/Khaki). These are the base colors that can cross many different work activities.

In my case as a professional in Higher education, this grey skirt is perfect for a Monday. I am interviewing a candidate today for a job and this is a perfect subtle attire to wear in the interview. The awesome thing about this look is I can add a Blazer or sweater if needed, or simply wear it without as I work in a liberal space. If you do not work in a space where showing your arms is acceptable simply add the blazer or sweater.

Another great thing about the essential solid bottom is you can mix and match the top as much as you please. I opted for a black and white ,top this morning, but could have easily went with a Red, Yellow, Pink, Black, Blue, or Green to name a few. The fact that I also chose this basic black and white shirt leaves room for me to have options with a coverup (Blazer, Sweater) color. In that case I would have just changed my shoes to match the whichever coverup color I chose. Hope you enjoyed this look!

Shirt: Walmart $4.97

Skirt: Walmart $6.88 was $8 in the store

Belt: Walmart 2 for $5

Shoes: (Currently out of stock)

Bracelet: $1 jewelry store (Closed now)

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    1. I agree with you when it comes to khaki. I actually stay away from khaki it never works out for me.

      1. Shea thanks for the read and the comment. Khaki is also not my friend and I can never find a flattering bottom no matter if its pants, shorts or a skirt.

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