Happy New Year and all that Jazz

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The New Year has arrived,

I am sure many of you are in a place of expectation and renewal. I must admit 2016 was a beautiful year for me and I am expecting even greater in 2017. In my previous post I shared some of my goals for this year and I am eagerly working on them. In the midst of now planning our wedding as well as a class reunion it is going to be a bit more work than expected. Despite my hesitations, I know I am capable and God is going to get me through this year of celebration and new beginnings.

As the New Year fell on a Sunday this year, it was only right that I bring out the class! I am all about Church attire and dressing up to go into the House of he Lord. This fit was one that I put together, literally I sewed this skirt together. As I have been learning how to sew I decided to take an old tulle skirt I had in the closet (I burned it ironing) and I sewed the bottom of that skirt to this beautiful sequin pencil skirt I purchased from JC Penny earlier this year and used the top half of the tulle skirt as a mid section add on for some of my pencil dresses. I found this faux furrish jacket thrifting one day and paired it with my 2 strand pearl necklace from Walmart. As I wanted an over the top touch, I added a pearl tie up necklace as a belt to make it pop! Let me know what you think of this look! Enjoy!

Happy New Year!

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Hair: Taritas’ Tresses

Photography: Maalik Falsetto

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