Hard to get out of the Christmas Spirit







Hey there!

Let’s be honest, Jesus can be celebrated whenever and wherever (or at least that is how I feel). It has been hard for me to get out of the holiday spirit and specifically Christmas, not only because it is one of my favorite Holidays, but because this past Christmas was by far the best Christmas I have ever had!!! Christmas 2016, I was engaged to my honey bear, boo, and soulmate. We have been rocking out for a little while now and we have decided to tie the knot and make our union legal! I am so excited.

This is one of the main reasons I just cannot get over the beauty of this past Holiday season. I received one of the best gifts anyone could ask for and that is unconditional love. I know this journey will not be all joy, but I know we will work to make our new life seem like Christmas everyday. Stay tuned as I will try my best to share wedding planning, marriage stuff with you all as much as possible.

On to this look now, I thrifted this beautiful polka dot shirt a few months ago when I was on a business trip in St. Louis MO. I am quite sure I also thrifted this skirt and I am most certain this Blazer came from a local thrift store here in Grand Rapids. I paired this look with some red stilettos (honestly comfortable, but too high to walk in for a long time) and a simple classic pearl wrap bracelet and I had a winter work day outfit for the Holiday season. If you are interested in purchasing this blouse or any of my other Vintage finds stay tuned as I will have an online shop opening in 2017!

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