It’s my BLOGaversary!


We made it! I am so happy to have reached 1 year in the blogging world! I am officially a successful blogger in my book. I have made it past the dreadful startup, the homemade photoshoots, and the self made free blog themes (not saying that you can’t be great with a start up blog). I am just so excited to have beat the odds. Did you know that 50% of blogs fail within the first year. Throughout this post, I can attest to why.

Blogging has been many things for me, but most of all is has been fun. I have learned a lot about myself, my body, my style, and many of you through blogging. I have gotten to know my money better (lol) but seriously, blogging has helped me truly decide when shopping if this is something I would actually wear. Blogging has been an outlet for my feelings and my favorite items. This has been a place for me to share my favorite things with the world and I could not have asked for a better time in my life to do it! I have come a long way from a bathroom/selfie blogger to a confident professional blogger. I have enjoyed the blogger life and I believe it has influenced my personal and professional life in many ways as well.

I have dedicated so much time and energy to blogging over the past year, that I knew it was truly becoming a passion. Many blogs, about half fail within the first year and a lot of that has to do with time, money, tech knowledge, passion, and following. I have been blessed enough to have the time and passion to work on and enhance my blog which helped the money and followers come. Being able to afford your passion is something that is very real, don’t let people tell you it is not. Blogging takes A LOT of time and in some cases a bit of money when you think of all of the things that tie into blogging. One of my greatest accomplishments as a blogger has been becoming a planner, and growing my tech knowledge. Planning out my outfits, content, and working with other professionals has helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine. I seriously learned how to work with a hosting company, move blog content from one place to another, add an SSL certificate, purchase and manipulate themes, and add forms and content feeds, not to mention all of the behind the scenes work that goes into building a website and blog. I am forever grateful to myself and my support system for following through with my passion and not letting it die off due to the many distractions that could happen.

Now, I hope that you are as excited as I am and you are ready for whats next on Fashion with Care…

Let’s take a scroll back down memory lane to my first few post as a blogger (Insert dreamy music and fading screen)

Casual Work Fashion- In which I would wear this to work on a Friday, at my job maybe even a Monday now, but my style is a little better now. Look at that dirty mirror!(smh)
Work Fashion- I wouldn’t even call this work fashion, not sure what I was thinking, but hey, I was a new blogger at the time. haha!

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    1. I absolutely LOVE the new look, and I’m so proud of you! Happy Birthday FWC!!!!

      At first, I just subscribed to support, but later on FWC became a go to when trying to find pieces for my little sister, who’s 5 “10” and full figured. It used to be a challenge, but FWC gave ideas, and affordable ones at that!

    1. Goals! I’m really trying to get to where you are. My consistency is severely lacking. This post definitely motivated me to step it up. Congrats!

      1. Hey Tina,

        Trust me we can all grow in blogging. Just make sure its always fun for you! You have such great content! I am excited for As told by Tina. Thank you for following and supporting me this far!!

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