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Happy Saturday loves,

I have been getting asked quite a bit about crop tops and my confidence. To be honest, I have never really had a stomach that made me too self conscious, that has always been my thighs :-). Despite this, I stopped showing off my stomach once I reached my mid 20’s for awhile as I felt that it wasn’t as “cute” as it was when I was 18. Recently, all of that insecurity has gone out the door!

I have fallen back in love with the crop top and finding ways to make it work for my body. One of the keys to this for me has simply been to wear them with confidence. If you think you look good, its much harder for someone to tell you any different. Anytime I put on a crop top, I rock it as if only I can do it!

This crop top was fun as it is one of my favorites, (check it out again here). I wear it backwards almost every time I wear it as I think the back is cuter than the front. I paired it with a pair of extremely thin joggers, and a dress that I wear as a duster and thrifted from the infamous Goodwill! This was a perfect look and one that gave me confidence, and allowed me to still have a little class if you will. Do you wear crop tops if so, what do you usually wear with them? 

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    1. Yesss! Super cute and chic!!! Love how you matched it with a vest!

    1. Love the crop top you’re wearing. The intricate design truly makes it unique. I wear crop tops once in a blue moon. These days, if I feel liking showing a sliver of my stomach, I tie-waist a tee.

    1. I love that you wear this top backwards! When I styled at Saks, I would show people a few items front and backwards, it’s amazing how it can change an outfit and get some extra bang for your buck!

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