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I am so excited to be expanding Fashion with Care as many of you have requested. I have the opportunity to now share some of my favorite products and new things with you. Over the past few weeks I have truly gotten into bath bombs and other fuzzy feel good, smell good body products. Some of you may be asking, What is a bath bomb? Most commonly bath bombs add fragrance, color and skin moisturizing properties to your bath. They are Heaven sent! 🙂 There is nothing like a new trend and a good one…Staying Clean! Check out my experience with Kamilla’s Kandy below and get a discount on your next purchase!

This week, I was able to try out Kamilla’s Kandy which is a locally Black owned business, WIN! Kamille is an excellent business woman and was great to work with in ordering these products. The products came in a decent amount of time and were packaged nicely. The packaging was lightweight but very protective and it was able to be opened by simply pulling the ribbon from around it. I ordered the Color Explosion bath bomb and the Lemon whipped shea butter. Let me start by saying these products were BEAUTIFUL! The bomb was vibrant and colorful and solid to the touch. The Shea butter was certainty whipped, light and fluffy and smelled like a lemon garden (are those a thing?). I almost didn’t want to open the bath bomb it was so pretty!

The instructions for the bath bomb were to draw a warm bath and drop the bomb in it while the water is still warm. The bath water will fizz and that is how you know the bomb is working. I dropped the bomb into pretty warm water and watched the magic begin. At first I was expecting the water to turn colors like the ones in the bomb but it sent out little spurts of color and a light hint of glitter (my favorite). Although my water became more so glittery than colorful I must say this bomb felt amazing. It only took a few seconds for it to work and completely changed the feel of the bath itself. Unlike some other bombs, this bath bomb left my body feeling moisturized and soft but not full of glitter or over oily once I was in and out of the tub. I stepped out of the tub with soft and shimmery skin and enjoyed my bath experience! Cleaning up the bath bomb post bathing was not to harsh either. The residue the bath bomb leaves is minimal and easily seen as it is green like the dye in the bomb. I was able to clean it up with my normal cleaning products and a warm rinse.

One of the things I truly loved about Kamilla’s Kandy was the quality of the products. You can tell just from opening the packages that they are made with quality ingredients and filled with love. As I opened up the shea butter, let me first say it smelled delicious! There was the classic bit of product on the top of the cap like any good product yet the jar was still completely filled to the brim. The butter was light weight, soft and can honestly stand the test with some of my other lotions and butters. When using this product I would recommend the philosophy that “a little goes a long way.”

I made the mistake of putting this on like regular lotion all over my body, and although it is lightweight it is strong in scent. I would recommend using it for some of the troubled areas such as elbows, knees, the bottom of your feet, and it is an excellent hand moisturizer! This product truly goes a long way and I can see myself using it as a part of my everyday routine this summer. I do not recommend using it in your hair unless you like the smell of lemon on your hair, but I recommend it in every way for your body. I may have to pull this out for date night! Kamilla’s Kandy has other fragrant shea butters as well and I am hoping to try others in the future.

I was highly satisfied with the quality and accuracy of these products! This is a company that I recommend without hesitation. As the world is becoming more organic and many of us want to feel and look good, these are quality products that fit that criteria. Head over to Kamilla’s Kandy and save 25% by using my special code “CareKandy” through December 31st, 2017.


Kamilla’s Kandy is a small business headed by two sisters that wanted to share their creations with the world. One sister wanting to help others use natural and organic body products that lead to a healthier you. And the other wishing to beautify your life with a little sparkle and glam.


**This is a voluntary product review. All ideas and opinions are my own. I was given these products by Kamilla’s Kandy to try and do an honest review. I do not make a percentage of sales or others benefits beyond the products listed above.**


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    1. Very nice and detailed I will be going over to shop for some bath bombs my favorites thanks!!!!!

    1. Definitely checking them out! Nice review Care!

    1. This review has inspired me to purchase items from the same business. Thank you Care for your honest opinion.

    1. I have been looking at bath bombs for the longest time, but I’m scared that they’ll irritate me. Thank God this one seems to be more natural. And what’s wrong with your hair smelling like lemon?! I need to get that shea butter!

      1. Girl this bath bomb was minimalist and left me with a soft glow! Perfect and you’re right it can smell like lemon id you’d like lol! Thanks for checking out my review!

    1. I love bath bombs and Shea butter so I will def be checking them out thanks to your post!

    1. I love a good body butter!

      Thank you for sharing this B.O.B with an honest product review!

    1. I love the fact that it’s natural. I live for organic products! It makes it more appealing to me. And the way my skin is set up, I could truly use that body butter!

      1. The body butter was everything and it’s lightweight so you don’t have to worry about feeling too greasy after!

    1. Loved the review! Didn’t get into bath bombs til’ I moved to Texas. They are AMAZING!

    1. You’ve sold me on this business. I’ve actually been wanting to buy a bath bomb for the longest! I’ve seen many places in the mall that sell bath bombs, but I’m happy I didn’t buy one from those places because I love to support Black owned businesses. Great review and thanks for your honesty!

      1. So happy you found this review helpful and are choosing to support this business! Thanks for taking time to read my review as well. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

    1. Loved this review! I have been wanting to try out bath bombs although I really didn’t know where to start! I love 1. This is a black owned business and 2. The products are natural. It’s a win, win!!!

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