What is KC Style?


It’s finally here!

The wait is over we are officially bringing you double the fashion! Meet Care & Kyra or Kyra & Care, however you prefer it, we’ll just call it “KC Style” for now. We are two fashion and style influencers who have come together to bring you some new looks each month, in our own special way. We are both natives of Detroit, MI and now reside on the Western side of the state. This collaboration grew from a network of individuals recommending that the two of us meet. After hearing one another’s names in many circles we decided to connect, and a friendship and passion was born.


Nothing is more organic than a Detroit girl link up! We have been holding one another accountable in the blogging and fashion world as well as personal and life goals. Through our friendship we came up with the idea to connect our passion for fashion and our different body types to show all of you how to make your style your own. KC Style is a monthly collaboration where we will go in depth about a look, style, or trend that we interpret in our own style. As we enjoy body positivity and believe beauty and fashion crosses all shapes and sizes, we will use KC Style to do just that! You as our followers, fans, and friends are the voice of this collaboration and we want to hear from you!


We’ve decided to open this collaboration with a fashion favorite and common go to for most anyone, DENIM! Denim can be dressed up or down, considered casual and street style and can be worn in most any season ( check out Care’s Free “How to wear denim in Summer” eBook for the warmer months.) Remember denim is a fabric and does not entertain simply one style of clothing (most commonly referred to in the jeans family.) We are both wearing the fabric demin, but wearing a variation of pieces. Denim can come in many shades and colors and the fabric weight of denim can also change based on the quality and manufacturer. Now that the education piece is over, let’s get into the fun of these looks.


We both decided to show off an all denim look to match our style. Kyra opted for a denim dress on top of distressed denim with an added layer of the denim jacket as a throw over piece. Although Kyra has on 3 different denim items, they are all your basic denim pieces. Care also opted for a denim dress, but a longer stand alone look. Care’s dress can be tied in the front or the back in which she paired it with a long necklace to add detail and compliment her shoes.

We were both able to execute an All denim look that was perfect for our body types. Kyra having slim long legs, pairing heels and distressed denim to separate the dress and pants line helped to keep her length without shortening her frame. Care is bottom heavy and has a smaller waist, therefore opting for a looser fit on the lower area and tying the dress near the waist helped her keep her shape and not lose the length of the dress.


Care described her look as a minimalist all over look. Having one solid piece with minimal detail and a “bloated days grace.” This dress is perfect for a day when you want to feel pretty and look like you gave some effort without the hassle of being uncomfortable in your most “snatched” under garments and shape wear. It can be worn with heels as pictured or sandals and even tennis shoes and a simpler dangle necklace for maximum comfort. Care recommends this look for any body type but particularly individuals who like to emphasis their waist and eliminate their hips and thighs a bit.

Kyra described her look as simplistic while making a statement at the same time. The Canadian Tuxedo (Denim Jacket paired with Jeans) is by far one of Kyra’s most favorite looks to pull off. Most people feel that when you wear denim, they all have to match although this isn’t true. Most wouldn’t even think to pair three different shades of denim. If Kyra were to wear the denim dress alone, she would pair it with a flat or a thigh high boot (so that the majority of her legs are covered) due to the length being a little too short for her liking. Kyra’s look can be worn on date night, a night out with the ladies, or in a “fun” casual setting. Don’t be afraid to add a statement piece of jewelry to this look to jazz it up a little!


We hope you enjoyed our first collaboration and we hope you come back for more. As we are still trying to decide on a name help us out by dropping your thoughts in the comments. As we want to bring you all something each month please share with us some things you want to see, any advice you need and your thoughts on the KC Style Collaboration all together. Tune back in this time next month for more of the KC Style Collab and you may see what you were looking for.

In style,

Care & Kyra!


Last month, KC Style gave you their interpretation of denim. This month, they are here to show you how to style pearls! Fun Fact: Pearls are the only gemstones that are birthed from a living organism while others are mined from the earth. In the words of Jackie Kennedy, “Pearls are always appropriate.”
Most people may think that when wearing pearls, you have to be in a more classy/fancy setting. KC Style is here to show you otherwise. Pearls can be worn in multiple settings depending on how you style them. We’re sure that when most of you think of pearls, you instantly think of a delicate necklace or even a bracelet. In this months collab, Care features a pearl belt while Kyra shows off her pearls in her shoes. Yup, you heard right, KC Style has found a creative way to style pearls outside of the most known/traditional way to wear them.
Care described her look as “Relaxed Classic.” Pearls are one of Care’s favorite stones. Her favorite part about this look is showing off her pearl necklace as a belt. You read right, Care is wearing a necklace around her waist. She paired it with her $10 Wet Seal bodycon and opted for the “third piece rule” by adding a thrifted denim vest to make the look complete. Care loves taking an elegant piece and tying it in with everyday pieces.
Kyra describes her look as fun and flirty. When Kyra learned that KC Style was going to do a feature on pearls, she instantly thought of her “Civil Pearly Heeled” shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. Kyra thought it would be fun to pair “Civil” with her $10 little black peplum dress that she scored from H&M. Due to “Civil” being the statement piece for this look, Kyra didn’t feel that she had to do much to add to the look. Kyra’s favorite things about this look is that 1. It’s simple and didn’t take too much effort to style and 2. Just by adding tights, this look can be worn in the cooler months!
As usual, we hope that you enjoyed our post! Let us know how you usually style your pearls and what you think about our interpretation of styling pearls in the comment section below!

The Ruffle Blouse with I luv TNicole Boutique

Who doesn’t love sheer and ruffles? We were so excited to have the opportunity to collab with TNicoleBoutiqueTNicoleBoutiqueis an online women’s boutique that carries the latest trends for women sizes small to 3x. Owner, Theresa Nicole has always had an eye for fashion and she is now able to share her love for fashion with the world. Ladies, if you love this ruffle blouse, head on over to TNicoleBoutique and use the promo code KCStyleCollab to receive 10% off your order! 

Kyra’s inspiration for her ruffle blouse was a night out, this could be date night or a night out with the ladies. The ruffle blouseitself is a statement piece so Kyra didn’t feel that she had to do much to complete the look. Kyra paired her ruffle blouse with her favorite Levi’s jean and her Steve Madden fringe ankle strap shoes. Overall, the look is simple although Kyra is still looks fashionable and she is still making a statement!

Care’s look is festival fun. Care opted for light distressed denim to show off her curves and dress the shirt down a bit, while letting the ruffle blouse and fringe in her shoes be the highlights. Care loved the contrast of the Black ruffle top on the light stained denim. She would wear this look to a city festival, casual late Summer brunch, or an impromptu date night.

Don’t forget to head on over to TNicoleBoutique and use the promo code KCStyleCollab to receive 10% off your entire order!

The Matching Cape


The KCStyle Collab is back, and it looks like we’re sticking with that name. It’s perfect and we both love it! We’re excited to be “matching” again to bring you our personal styles wearing the same piece. Don’t you just love collaborations and fashion magic? We sure do! We were able to do some online shopping for this piece, and although its not the in-store experience that we both love, we could not pass up these capes! Did you know Capes are known for Big City wear in the fashion world?  Well, of course we are both Big city girls, so these were right up our fashion alley! Some of the top designers and celebrities have been seen in capes and they are truly the inspirations behind this piece for us.

Care decided to go with the burgundy/wine cape because it matches her personality and adventurous vibes. Kyra chose the black cape as it is a staple color/piece, simplistic, and a classic look (Check out Kyra’s free “Staple Pieces eBook” and “Wardrobe Basics” checklist). Don’t we both look fab?! As our styles can vary in many ways, Kyra dressed it up and Care dressed it down while still allowing the cape to be the center of attention. The length is perfect for day wear, but the sleeves make it fashionable for night wear is needed. Not to mention the price was amazing for such a quality piece.

Care described her look as Windy City fun. Care would wear this look in a big city for a street or warehouse style fashion show, party, or transforming office to evening look. Care loved adding distressed denim to this look because it dressed the cape down and gave her a more relaxed look. Keeping a matching pump kept the class of the overall look and did not take away from the cape in the way that the denim does. Care opted for her favorite back pack purse for its neutral color and round shape unlike most of her work and tote bags. She enjoyed wearing this look and is excited to revamp this cape for work and church in the upcoming season.
Kyra described her look as classic. Kyra would wear this look in a corporate workplace, a business meeting/networking event, or even to church. Kyra feels that the cape is a “fun” alternative to the traditional black blazer. The cape gives Kyra’s outfit a completely different look. A simple statement piece that will for sure catch someones attention and even be a good conversation starter. You can never go wrong with the classic black and white combination.

The Pencil Skirt

This month, The KC Style Collab is showing you how to transform your pencil skirt from professional to night attire. As some of you may know, the pencil skirt is a staple piece. Staple pieces are essential when it comes to having a solid wardrobe. The good thing about staple pieces is that they can be dressed up or down and they can be worn in multiple settings. Staple pieces go well with both trendy items as well as with other staples. If you are in need of help with building a solid wardrobe and you are looking to invest in some staple pieces, click here to receive a free Wardrobe Basics Checklist.

For Kyra’s “night” look, she paired a long sleeve crop top with her high waist pencil skirt along with her favorite open toe ankle straps. Kyra added a Carlisle belt to give her look a little personality. For Kyra’s professional look, she paired a blazer over her outfit (crop tops are never appropriate for work) and changed from her open toe ankle strap to her closed toe pointed heel. Kyra personally feels that closed toe shoes are more appropriate for the work place. Kyra was easily able to transform her look from professional to night just by taking off her blazer, adding a belt, and changing her shoes!

Care opted for a stretchy comfortable pencil skirt for her look. She loves the comfort this skirt gives for work and the way it shows off her curves for a night look. She kept her top simple with a baby tee and decided to add a necklace to dress it up a bit. Keeping the blazer simple allowed Care to show off her necklace as the main accessory during work. She decided to add in a little spice for the night by wearing leaopard and black chunky heels. These also added comfort for a long day, but did not deny her style.

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