Last month, KC Style gave you their interpretation of denim. This month, they are here to show you how to style pearls! Fun Fact: Pearls are the only gemstones that are birthed from a living organism while others are mined from the earth. In the words of Jackie Kennedy, “Pearls are always appropriate.”
Most people may think that when wearing pearls, you have to be in a more classy/fancy setting. KC Style is here to show you otherwise. Pearls can be worn in multiple settings depending on how you style them. We’re sure that when most of you think of pearls, you instantly think of a delicate necklace or even a bracelet. In this months collab, Care features a pearl belt while Kyra shows off her pearls in her shoes. Yup, you heard right, KC Style has found a creative way to style pearls outside of the most known/traditional way to wear them.
Care described her look as “Relaxed Classic.” Pearls are one of Care’s favorite stones. Her favorite part about this look is showing off her pearl necklace as a belt. You read right, Care is wearing a necklace around her waist. She paired it with her $10 Wet Seal bodycon and opted for the “third piece rule” by adding a thrifted denim vest to make the look complete. Care loves taking an elegant piece and tying it in with everyday pieces.
Kyra describes her look as fun and flirty. When Kyra learned that KC Style was going to do a feature on pearls, she instantly thought of her “Civil Pearly Heeled” shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. Kyra thought it would be fun to pair “Civil” with her $10 little black peplum dress that she scored from H&M. Due to “Civil” being the statement piece for this look, Kyra didn’t feel that she had to do much to add to the look. Kyra’s favorite things about this look is that 1. It’s simple and didn’t take too much effort to style and 2. Just by adding tights, this look can be worn in the cooler months!
As usual, we hope that you enjoyed our post! Let us know how you usually style your pearls and what you think about our interpretation of styling pearls in the comment section below!
Also, we are still looking for a name, we’d love to hear your thoughts as well as feedback on what else you’d like to see from us!

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