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Welcome back my loves,

The new year is around the corner, and I have some exciting things ahead. In 2017 I am not making resolutions or anything like that, but my goals are at an all time high. I have goals for Fashion with Care (FWC), goals for my personal life, and for my education. I was on a roll in 2016, and I am hoping to do the same in this new and promising year. I figured, if I share them with you all here, I have to be accountable because there is nothing worse than letting down people who love and support you.. By the way Thank you all for all your support and love, as well as kind words in 2016! Keep them coming in the coming years as I am sure I will need them still!

So let’s just jump into the goals. I’ll start with my goals for Fashion with Care, as that is why some of you care about me at all haha 🙂 I will then share my personal goals, and finally my educational goals. Let’s go…

As Fashion with Care I will:

  • Revamp the website with consistency and an official logo
  •  Finish and Release my first Ebook (hopefully a second by summer)
  • Begin hosting Style Parties (let me know if you are interested in having one)
  • Be featured on at least 3 fashion outlets/platforms
  • Hire a second intern/employee (I have one intern currently)

My personal Goals, I will:

  • Implement at least 12 healthier meals to my weekly food intake
  • Use my gym membership more than 50% of the time (PRAY!)
  • Commit to Day designations for my time and energy to continue to grow (Thanks Kyra)
  • Complete the “Saving your marriage before it begins” Bible series
  • Volunteer at least twice quarterly (if not more)
  • Continue to save money (I did well in 2016…)
  • Plan my dream trip of a Castle tour around the world! (I’m serious)
  • Have fun, more than I complain!

Education Goals, I will:

  • Find a program I am truly interested in (Education or Design and Fashion)
  • Study for the GRE, like forreal study!
  • Take a business course to help strategize for business success
  • Continue my sewing lessons and begin to sew completely on my own
  • Read 2 complete books relevant to my current career (I do not like to read)

I plan to do check in’s via the blog and Newsletter, so feel free to keep me accountable as these are real goals, for my very real life!! HAHA! Share some of your goals with me as well so that we can grow together. Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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      1. Thank you for stopping by and reading! The personal goals I am ROCKING!! Getting ready for some features that will be coming out next month for FWC goals but slacking on some of the detailed goals because of wedding planning and trying to manage a busy schedule. Thanks for checking in!!

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