Merry Christmas baby!



Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope today is a blessed and loved day for you all. As we celebrate Christ today as He is the reason for the season, and we also celebrate family and friends, Be Happy, Be Merry, and Be Bright! Corny right, but seriously, enjoy today and all of the things that come with it.

I actually spent last night in Lansing, Michigan with my honey bears family and today we came to Detroit to be with my family and friends for a family Seafood night (I’m so excited, I LOVE seafood). We have a packed car with gifts and love, and we are also grateful to celebrate the Lord another day and year. If you are unsure about the birth of Christ, you can read it by checking out Luke 26-38 (Gabriel visits Mary) and Luke 2:1-7 (the actual birth of Christ). I hope all who observe this day celebrate HIM!

As you know this site is all about fashion and my love for style and clothes, so I have to tell you a bit about the sweaters above, which you can VOTE for your favorite one :-).

I’m dreaming of a “White” Christmas.
Everyone that knows me knows that Betty White is one of my favorite humans!!! I absolutely love her I have many reasons for my adoration but my top is the fact that she is absolutely honest and funny. She reminds me of the grandma that every family deserves, and the fact that she is so small and packs so much punch makes her even better. When I found this sweater on Etsy last year, I was so excited and did not hesitate to purchase it. Feel free to vote for it here if you love it like I do.

Gold Sparkle and Shine

This is a classic no one wants meets Care edition Haha!  I found this sweater when I was out thrifting a few years ago and I somehow manage to pull it out around this time every year. I typically wear it with leggings, simple jeans or black jeggings and every year it brings me so much joy. I love that it is long enough to cover me up but short enough to not be an oversized dress. If this is your favorite vote for it here.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!

We all know this classic line, or atleast I hope. As this is the season to watch all of the Home Alone’s and quote them line for line, this sweater was so fitting! As I do not lean toward true ugly sweaters often, I always opt for a funny, classic, or ironic style and this one did it for me. I had to buy this in a mens size for some reason so it was a little over sized which called for me to cut the collar off in order to make it Style worthy. Once I did that, I was ready for the Holidays!!! If you enjoy this sweater vote for it here.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and did some voting!!! If you don’t get to see me enough remeber to sign up for my email list to get exclusive news, pics, and updates. Merry Christmas and stop by to see me again soon!




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