Mommy & Me Memories!


Happy Mothers Day All,
I hope you are having a great day if you are a mom, and I hope you are having an even better day if you have the honor of celebrating a Mom! Moms are true gifts from God and they are deserving of so much as we all know! Please take some time to celebrate a Mother today, and if you are blessed enough to still have your mother here on earth with you celebrate her like never before!


I have the honor of knowing and loving a wonderful mother named Brenda who was brave enough to take on the journey of motherhood 37 years ago with my brother, then again 27 years ago when she gave birth to me just 6 days before her birthday. My mom is more than a queen, she is a hero and I admire her in more ways than I think I can ever show her. We re extremely different in personality and character but nonetheless we are a mother/daughter bond that cannot be broken. I’m grateful everyday to still be able to talk to and see my mother and some days more than others I may even take it for granted.


My mom and I see eye to eye more than we don’t and for that I am grateful. Having never known my father due to his death when I was a baby my mother has never left me to feel unloved in anyway. She has anchored our family with strength, love, and even lifes hard lessons but through it all we have remained strong. I honor her today because of her sacrifice, strength, and being able to do the nearly impossible as if it were easy to do! She fights a good fight daily raising my brother and I (still) grown and all, we are never too old for a mothers love.


It means more to me than anything in the world to be able to rock out with my mom in a world like the one we live in. Mothers are gems and good mothers take on many forms. I love getting the chance to actually hang out with my mom. We get to share this moment and some Mommy & Me attire for this special occasion! As my passions are always supported by my mom, we decided to share a casual look, because I am never too old to dress like my mommy, and she’s never too embarrassed to dress like me I guess :-).DSCN0056
Mom came to visit me for a short trip where I live and we got to spend some time hanging in the streets having some fun in our cute Spring pom tops and denim bottoms! A visit from mom is always a gift, but even more when you get to take pics and laugh a lot. DSCN0080
I hope you enjoyed hearing a little about my queen today! Check out the details of our looks below! Show off your Mommy & Me looks as well! I’d love to hear how you and your mom are spending her Big Day!DSCN0082DSCN0083DSCN0158DSCN0176

Mom: Similar Shirt| Pants| Shoes| Purse| Glasses| Lipstick

Care: Shirt| Pants| Similar Shoes| Similar Purse|Glasses| Lipstick

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