My Alex and Ani Life


Mother/Daughter Charm: Mothers and daughters share a powerful and profound connection. In an ancient dance filled with both challenge and passion, they move through life’s stages. Balancing dependence and independence, one is an extension of the other. Honor and celebrate this most treasured connection.

a09eb245gA protective amulet, June’s light amethyst is used as a guard against fear and uncertainty. Signifying courage and empowerment, wear light amethyst as a symbol of confidence.



a14eb84rg_guardianangels_top2Energizing you with the courage and willpower to stick to even the most difficult tasks, this Guardian is a source of self-empowerment. Be invigorated by the power that lies within you, your hidden strengths and talents. When you wear this charm, invoke the Guardian of Strength: empower me.


a14eb25rgA powerful force of strength and generosity, a mother is an unassuming hero who surrenders completely to love. She creates miracles, as she is a giver of life and a blessing to the children whose hearts she touches. A great teacher and an eternal role model, a mother gives and receives love wholeheartedly. Honorthe amazing influence of motherhood with the Hand in Hand Charm.

cbd13jafrg Positivity is contagious. Share your kind energy with others to start a movement of optimism. Greet each day with an open heart because every situation is enhanced with enthusiasm. Overcome any obstacle with upbeat persistence and create your own positive life.


core_charm_bangle_revamp_a16ebgsrg_top_1In Old English, “godspeed” was the word one said to bless someone embarking on a journey. The expression bestows good fortune and safety, with God’s grace. Magically sincere, godspeed is the desire to have God’s protection alongside your path.


cbd12elrg_1The elephant walks through life with family close by in a loyal and dedicated manner. Extraordinarily protective, elephants are known to stand up for others encouraging the values of camaraderie, perseverance, and unity. With a trunk up for luck, wear The Elephant Charm to inspire others to pursue their passions and embrace the power of teamwork.

graduation_cap_silver_2015rs_top.jpgGraduation is the time-honored ritual that celebrates a powerful transition into new responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities. Marked by achievement, this ceremony honors a person’s bold perseverance and innate power to succeed. Embrace the highly esteemed energy of the Graduation Cap Charm, a bold symbol of your current success and the limitless potential of the future.

3331882-p-MULTIVIEWCourage • Appreciation • Influence
Opportunity is here; invite it in. In this moment you can choose to take action and contribute your gifts of courage, kindness, and love. You have the ability to allow your light to shine and illuminate another. Today is an opportunity to lead, to inspire, to volunteer, to make a difference.

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