My first official Halo braid

I was so excited to get someone else to do my hair first of all, and I was even more excited with the outcome of this beautiful halo braid. I loved it, but it only lasted about 4 days because it wasn’t braided very tight and I’m natural (I imagine that had something to do with it, maybe). Nonetheless, I will be getting this again just braided a bit tighter. It was so fun, simple, and cute.


  1. Wash and Condition hair
  2. Blow Dry hair
  3. Press/Straighten hair
  4. Comb natural hair downward all the way around the head
  5. (1 &1/2 packs of braiding hair) begin in the back of the head and french braid adding hair as needed around the head until you reach the starting point
  6. Burn end of braiding hair with flat iron
  7. Tuck and pin
  8. Go around braid and pull out for volume
  9. Slick the EDGES!!!!
  10. DONE

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