Neutral Naturals

Hey Fashion Loves,

We are officially wrapping up the Fall season in just a few days and a part of me is sad about it. I am unsure how to feel honestly. I love this time of year because of the Holidays, the happiness, and all the vacation time we get… but the weather and the fashion are not so much my favorite. Granted, I love the idea of boots, warm fuzzy socks, and scarves, but reality is, I live in Michigan so these things are more of a necessity than an enjoyment.

In honor of the final days of Fall, I am sharing some Fall neutrals and a smile. Would you believe me if I told you this entire look cost me under $35? Well, I hope so, because it did.  Wearing neutrals in the Fall is inevitable if you’re into fashion. As a Black woman, they compliment my skin well and soften my look (in my opinion). I had so much fun pulling together this green peplum, which is actually a little too large on me, with a waist belt. The belt helped to cinch the shirt and make it smaller and more form fitting but just enough that it did not hug me in the same way my skirt does. 

I love being able to wear peplum tops with pencil skirts because it gives me a breathable look up top, while all the “fit” is on the bottom. This gold-ish pencil skirt was a $10 find from some girly store somewhere in the mall and has been a keeper ever since I purchased it. It played well off of the green and cream floral sandals as well as the green top, and I think helped to make this look come to life. Simplicity was key in this look and worked well as a Fall finale!

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    1. Great colors. I look forward to some of your winter styles. Til next fall.

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